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Natalie Shaw is “So Good!”

Been a while!  Found an article on the director of From the Woods, in which Natalie Shaw is the star.  A star indeed!  Director Nicholas Wendl says:

I’ll never forget it. When Natalie Shaw came in to audition for Laura Mayfair who was the lead character, I saw her headshot where her hair was too short and she’s wearing glasses.  I I decided to give her a shot. She came in with her short hair, glasses on, and she did the kitchen scene which is a very emotional scene for me. It is where she breaks down and lets her guard down. She did that scene in the audition room without me telling anything and she did it exactly the way I envisioned it in my mind. That’s when I knew. I thought let’s give you hair extensions and contact lenses and you’ve got the part.

She was so good. If she was able to read the character off the page with just this one scene, she could nail this entire character. She played such a tough gal in the movie that when I see her in person I forget she’s a sweet, fun bubbly woman. It was a transformation for her.

From the woods screenshot

Here is a link to the article: Natalie Shaw

Natalie Shaw’s Headshot

Here is a headshot for actress Natalie Shaw.  If you are new to this site, I was able to meet actress Natalie Shaw at two film festivals, one in Hollywood, California, she’s so nice and talented, and I started this fan site.  The pictures that I have are from the Internet.  Fun fact that I just found out on her Wikipedia page: her sister is actress Vinessa Shaw.

Natalie Shaw Actress Head Shot